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Organizing as a Mom with Kids and still Have a Life!

I HATE spending the entire weekend on cleaning my house and forcing the kids to help me when we all want to spend time with each other. I started a cleaning chart for myself and for the kids. If they are old enough to work a tablet, they are old enough to pick up dog poo, and put away clothes, (not in that order of course) HA!


I know that if I don't tackle a load a laundry a day my weekend laundry is a nightmare!!

I use these bins to put their clothes away. They know that when these bins are full they need to take them to their room and put it away. Of course, they don't always put everything away the way I like, BUT I have to let them try. It took along time for me to let go of everything being perfect, it used to drive my husband crazy. As I get older and the more children I had it was easier to let go, (not completely but a They may not fold everything the way I want but that will come with steps!

I started a command center in the Laundry room as well. So they know where to find everything and know what to do.

It included:

  • Place to hang their backpacks

  • File holder for any important info (swim team, cub scouts, religion school)

  • Extra hooks for any misc. items they need to hang (hats, bags, etc.)

  • Clip board with their daily/nightly duties ( I have a whole plan on how to get kids to do age appropriate chores.)

It takes time to get everyone on the same page and alooooot of patience. You can't just throw in the towel and say, "I'll do it"after day two you have to keep going. The day your child just does a chore with out you asking will be the BEST day of your life. Give them a high five and thank them for being awesome. It is possible to not spend all your weekend on chores and having more time with your family. You just have to ask for help and do a little a day. They will thank you when they are older, that they are self-sufficient little humans.

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