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What is your biggest struggle?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

For some people organizing was simple for them to tackle then suddenly things got hectic and busy. Spouses, children, jobs, activities etc. More and more stuff piled up and just became so overwhelming. For me I went through stages in my life when a milestone in our life occurred I had to reevaluate how I was doing things and make it work for "the Now". Its not that way for a lot of people and getting there wasn't easy for me but the bottom line is for me is that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO ORGANIZE. My motto is Organizing is forever,

If you are having some of these feelings or issues maybe now is the time to change. We have one life and so little time with family and friends we need to be resourceful with that time.

Possible Struggles

-Your not comfortable in your Space

-You don't finish what you start.

-Cant find things

-Get distracted by the clutter in your environment.

-Cant handle people coming over.

-Always late for deadlines & events.

-Forgetting things: To Do's, events, and items.

-Keeping things for someday because it could serve a purpose one day.


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Staying organized is my biggest challenge!! My mind is always scattered!!

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