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My Husband and I moved to South Tampa about 15 years ago.  Married, bought houses and have three wonderful children.  As a Military spouse I have had to become very patient and VERY flexible.  I became a stay at home mom about 9 years ago with a few side jobs here and there because lets face it I do not have a sit around the house type of personality.  Even though it was ALOT of work and Mostly by myself, I wanted more.  At a young age my mother has always instilled the "tiding up 24/7 method", I swear its in our blood Just ask my siblings.  
Some college roommates may have thought I was annoying but I couldn't help it I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ORGANIZING.  So countless times friends had projects I volunteered for free because its what I love.  Many pushes from friends and family has gotten me to this point of my life where I need to do this for me, SO Live Simple, TPA started.  I am looking forward to serving the Tampa and surrounding areas

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