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Don't let your ToDo list consume you!!!

How many times do you see people writing down or adding memos in their phone as reminders when and where to do things? All the time right? I myself is an old school at heart and has the whole pen and paper system, but no matter what system you use it has to be the right one so you can succeed and accomplish your day.

There are loads of systems you can get through your phone like Appointfix, ToDo, etc.. There is also reminders on your phone you can set to accomplish your goals at a certain time. Thats great but are you just hitting snooze or remind later?? (I know I have tried and failed)

The one thing that will never sway away from me is my daily To Do list on a nice lined piece of paper. Yes I know its probably crazy to some of you when there is so much technology at hand in an instance, but I find myself reflecting on how my day went and will go by just doing these simple little steps everyday. I end up feeling relieved, stress free and a BADASS that I accomplished so much with so many obstacles in my way (kids, work, house, you know the song and dance)

These are some of the things that help me accomplish my day even when there are road blocks.

1. Reflect at Night and write a new list for the following day:

After the kids go to bed I start my list, anything on the current days list I didn't accomplish I move it over and put it to the top. I know those are my first priority.

2. Write even the simplest things on the list:

Writing down simple task clears your thoughts of having to do them. Even if its, call Jess back, read 20 pages of a favorite book, etc. The feeling of crossing out your todo list allows you to feel more at ease with your day and your mind isn't racing.

3. Most Important Items:

The day before and the most important items you need to get down should go on the top of your list. The ones that way the heaviest on you mind and heart. For me its calling people back Im the worst, only because every time I pick up the phone its like my kids have spidey senses and WWIII has just begun.

4. You Don't have to go in Order:

The most important things on your list are first BUT there is an exception if something is interfering with you doing that task then skip it! Go back to it when you can, not every moment in time is the best time to make phone calls to you Gyno or try to tackle cleaning a 4 years old room when she is a tornado and she is coming right towards you. Be sensible with your time and multitask it.

5. Don't Spend to much time on a Task:

Spending too much time on a particular task is not productive, and the goal here is to crush your ToDo list, not marry it. If you are hung up on something and you can't get into a login to pay bills, or you have been on hold for an hour with the insurance company (WAY TO MANY TIMES). This instantly will put you in a bad mood and you will project that mood on the rest of your task. I know all of those issues are important to finish but try calling while you waiting a dance class, or baseball practice.

This is what I do everyday, this is probably the shortest list I have ever done. (LOL) I used the rest of the room to write any notes I may have taken or passwords I may have had to reset. ( I couldn't show you the bottom half ;))

Remember write things down that you know you can tackle on your own, writing Painting baseboards, or replanting the flowers in the garden should go on a "Big Project List" something you can share with your significant other, and they can help you!

I know this will make your life easier and the weight on your shoulders a little bit lighter!

below is a PDF I created just to make it a little bit easier for you.

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